The Anasazi Collection is 6,600 Skulls that were unearthed from the American continent and are now stored on the Polygon Chain. The skulls belong to the ancestors of the indigenous Americans. The collections also include 25 super rare one of a kind NFT’s that capture some of the most profound moments in history.

The Anasazi Collection is more than a NFT Project, it’s also more than a history lesson; It’s a a movement to help educate our community on financial literacy. 


• FREE ticket to our annual financial literacy events where we host some of the top educators in the financial education space (We do this Quarterly).

• Coupon to get all of Donye Kimal’s courses, programs, and products (For Free) which include a Trucking Masterclass, Dispatching Masterclass, Pilot Car Mastery, Freight Broker Masterclass, Trailer Rental Mastery, and the Power of Trusts E-Book. This applies to future product/program releases as well.

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6600 NFT's


Crown of Montezuma
Montezuma's headdress is a featherwork crown which tradition holds belonged to Montezuma II, the Aztec emperor at the time of the Spanish conquest.
Carolina Indian Warrior
Paleo-Indian-period American Indians are nomadic and hunt large animals for food. They also eat small game and wild plants.

War Bonnet
Eagle feather headdresses, also called war bonnets, are traditionally a symbol of power and authority reserved for highly respected Native American men.


PHASE 1: We will work with influencers to market & promote the collection 30+ days prior to mint day.

PHASE 2: We will release a limited series podcast where the creator will explain in detail the inspiration for the 25 super rare one of kind NFTs within the collection.

PHASE 3: Presale Date: TBA / Mint Day: TBA 

PHASE 4: We will launch our private discord and discount codes exclusive to NFT holders.

PHASE 5: Giveaway: we will host an NFT giveaway to our members to help with startup capital for artists and entrepreneurs.

PHASE 6: We will host our first virtual financial education event (this will happen Quarterly) with some of the top educators in the space.

PHASE 7: We will schedule a date for our first exclusive event for our NFT holders to meet.

PHASE 8: We will continue to think of ways to add utility and value to our Anasazi Collection NFT Holders.


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